What is industrial geothermal energy?

Geothermal energy is the natural heat of the subsoil that can be used productively for industrial processes or to heat and cool buildings of all types.

Our expertise: industrial geothermal energy

More heat, more power. It is a renewable energy capable of meeting the heating and cooling needs of industries, heating networks and large greenhouses, as well as the energy needs of various industrial processes.

Selection of the appropriate geothermal system

SQGI works with various geothermal technologies, including standing column wells (PCP) and open loop wells (doublets). The selection of the appropriate geothermal system for your installation will depend on various factors, including the geological context of your site and your needs:

Tableau des critères de sélection (angl)

SQGI also offers underground thermal energy storage, a process that allows energy to be stored in the ground for later use by its producer or by other buildings nearby.

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Open loop well (doublet)
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of industrial geothermal energy

  • Renewable and clean resource

  • Stable production throughout the year

  • Long-term predictable costs

  • Competitive cost (electricity, oil and natural gas)

  • Electrification of systems

  • High energy efficiency

  • Versatility (heating and cooling)

  • Limited impact on the landscape

  • Small surface area required

  • Low noise level

Wondering whether industrial geothermal energy is suitable for your facilities ?